All about mats….Why choose us?

There are many mat types and companies on the market and from our customers we have heard it all. From being too heavy, too hot, hard to fold, hard to clean and my favourite not pretty!  There are so many to choose from but where do you start? Recycled mats are growing in popularity but remember…..they are not all the same!

From rubber matting to shade cloth, fake grass to other brands of recycled mats we have learnt what works and what does not. This is what our customers have taught us based on their own experiences.

Rubber matting

Probably one of the most popular as it is cheap to buy and easily available from caravan shops and hardware stores.  What we have found is that they are more than 3 times the weight of a recycled poly mat.  Made from rubber, they smoother grass and eventually kill the grass root. Rubber mats also stop moisture feeding the grass and the heat the mat holds kills the grass root.  This mats are not great where there are cats eyes as they are hard to remove many have tossed the mat after trips to inland Australia.

Shade Cloth

Yes these are a breathable mat and also they allow dirt and sand though…. BUT  the dirt and dust comes back up again due to the very wide weave.  There are a few brands out there some that are popular as they are two layers of cloth.  They are great until wet as they become slippery and the largest mats can have up to 48 eyelets to peg down. ….. too much work! A customer recently told us that their two layer shade cloth mat (yes the popular brand) has had an issue with the bindings shrinking, another said they are so slippery when wet it was like walking on ice.  The stretched bindings have caused the mat to be very loose when pegged down and is now a trip hazard and the other tossed his mat after his wife slipped and fell.   This is why they have changed their mat over now to our recycled mat.

Fake Grass

Hot and heavy.  Have you ever walked on a fake lawn that has been in the sun….Hot feet.  Weight is a common issue with caravans and motorhomes and fake grass is extremely heavy and does not breathe causing damage to the grass.

Other brands of recycled mats

There are a few and all seem the same….but not quite.  Some have warranty some do not.  Others are not UV stabilized, some have no bindings and are only folded and stitched which means they can unravel, they may have tags to peg down and no eyelets or they may have nothing, most have no bag, all are made of a thinner weave.  Some have a glued fold line in the middle and that is why they split.  Do your research…..remember you get what you pay for! If you are not sure contact us and we will help you identify the differences from one brand to the next.

From what we know now we needed to make sure we had a mat that was made from the highest quality materials that was very light and durable.  We have seen binding come off other brands and eyelets fall out without any warranty, plus mats that get smelly in enclosed bags.  We know we needed a mat that was able to resist UV fading, mould and mildew resistant and suitable for the typical Australian camper.

Why choose our mats?

So a mat from Camping Mat Warehouse is:

  1. Light
  2. Breathable
  3. Allows dirt and sand to fall through and not come up again
  4. Non slip wet or dry
  5. UV stabilised weave and also bindings
  6. Heavy duty binding
  7. 6 heavy duty eyelets in every mat allowing easy tie down.
  8. Come with an open bag that allows the mat to breathe and not get smelly
  9. Mould and mildew resistant
  10. Double stitched bindings for strength
  11. Heat welded edges on all sides under bindings
  12. A full 12 months manufacturers warranty is on our mats.

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PVC Strong and Durable Bag

PVC Strong and Durable Bag

open breathable bag

open breathable bag

stainless steel eyelets

stainless steel eyelets

woven mat

made from 100% sustainable poly

Tired of  the same old camping mats? All new designs have just landed.  Improved quality including bindings, eyelets, breathable bag, and mat thickness.  We have been selling camping floor mats made from recycled poly for some time now. After customer feedback we have heard you and have improved the quality of the mats we sell.  All our mats are UV stabilised to avoid fading, heavy duty polyester bindings that are double stitched and eyelets. Our mats are also thicker than any other camping mat. This makes them the most durable recycled mat on the market but still very light.  Every mat comes with a deluxe mat bag that will help prevent damp getting onto other items in your van . It is an open bag that will allow your mat it breathe and not become smelly like enclosed bags do.  The bag has Velcro straps and made from a strong durable fabric which will help protect your mat in storage plus contain dirt and moisture when you have to pack up wet.

Our designs have been created by listening to what the customer would like to see.  More to come in the future so please if you cannot see what you would like for your van we would love to hear from you.

We offer a full replacement warranty within 12 months of purchase of our camping mats provided the mat has been used correctly and within our warranty guidelines.  Please see warranty details for more information.

Change of mind

Refunds for change of mind will be processed only within 30 days of purchase provided the camping floor mat is returned in its original condition without any damage.  Restocking fee of $10.00 will apply.


Shipping costs will always be the responsibility of the buyer for change of mind returns. Please ensure you select the right design and size for your setup. This sizing guide will help. Shipping costs on all purchases will be calculated at checkout.  We use a courier service so PO boxes are not accepted.

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