Sizing Guide

  Majority of awnings are 2.4m wide for caravans, motor homes and campers. So we just need to get the length of your awning worked out. 

Here is what you need to do:

Grab a tape measure and measure your awning from arm to arm. Awnings come in many sizes but they are all the same width therefore the length is all that is required

Once you have the measurement all you do is select the mat that is closest to the length of the awning.  eg: If your awning is 4.2m you may want to just get a 4m x 2.4m mat, however if your awning is 4.7m you may want to get a 5m x 2.4m mat. Remember it is your van and it is what you feel would work for your setup as not all setups are the same.

Remember just use this information as a guide.  You don’t want to get a mat that is too big for what you need nor do you want one that is too small.

As a general guide the size chart below can help.

FOR CARAVAN OWNERS: The length a manufacturer gives you for your caravan in ‘feet’.  This length is the body of your caravan (without the drawbar).  Most awnings are approximately 1m (3ft) shorter than your van length due to having a tunnel boot at the front.

If you have any questions about sizes just give me a call and I am happy to assist 0400 944 397 (Vicki)

Please use information as a guide.  It is best to measure your van to ensure you are purchasing the right size mat for your setup


Up to 12ft = 3m mat (9ft long)

13ft to 17ft = 4m mat (12ft long)

18ft to 21ft = 5m mat (16ft long)

Over 22ft = 6m mat (19ft long)

where to measure your caravan to determine mat size required