It is our personal guarantee that your recycled poly mat is free of any manufactures faults.

Please inspect your mat before use directly after purchase.

Before use please lay mat out, hose it to soften the weave and allow to dry completely before putting back into its bag. This will allow you to inspect the mat but also season the plastic to make the mat easier to fold and to allow sand, dirt and water to travel through the weave.

If you find any manufactures faults within 12 months of purchase please lodge a claim with us on the form below.

Once mat has been used as the buyer you have accepted the mat as being of good quality without any manufactures faults.

Warranty will be voided when:

Damage to the mat is by the owner:

  1. fails to fold the mat correctly as per the folding instructions located on the insert in the carry bag
  2. when they have used pegs or screws to attach the mat to the ground where excessive pulling has damaged the bindings or the thread on screws have damaged the eyelets
  3. when the mat has had something hot fall on it to cause melting of the fabric or holes to be burnt in.
  4. when furniture, sharp items or heavy items have been dragged across the mat pulling the weave.

Please do not:

  1. Drag items on the mat
  2. Fold the mat incorrectly
  3. Smoke or use any heat near the mat
  4. Pull on the mat with force when attaching to the ground.

Please ensure you provide photos with your claim. Please also a provide copy of the receipt of purchase to validate your warranty. Without this information, we cannot review your warranty claim.

Warranty is offered against manufacturing faults upon evaluation.

It is very important to look after your mat.

This warranty does not cover any faults or damage that has been caused by abuse, improper use, acts of nature including excessive sun exposure, wear and tear, lack of maintenance and incorrect folding and care. This mat is designed to be used under an awning that does not have excessive sun exposure.  Mat is not covered under warranty when being used for commercial use.

Mat may need to be returned to the manufacturer at buyers expense.

Note: Bag is not covered under the mat warranty.  

Lodge a warranty claim

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